This report describes the main legal framework for the value chains of the six commodity species (cod, salmon, trout, herring, seabass, seabream) that are the focus of PrimeFish for the European countries: Iceland, Faroe Islands, Norway, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain Italy, Greece, Turkey as well as Canada and Vietnam. At the national specific level, a subset of countries are included: Norway, Scotland, Newfoundland (Canada), Denmark and Iceland. The report focuses on the legal aspects influencing the competitiveness at the European seafood market for european as well as non-european based seafood companies.The report includes the main regulative framework, and selected national regulations, which might influence the competitiveness of companies on the European seafood market.

The report consists of three sections: a general section on the regulative framework and competitiveness, a second section on supra-national regulation and a third section including examples of national regulation of fisheries, aquaculture and processing and trade.

PrimeFish document  Deliverable 3.2. Market institutional analysis




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