More than 3,500 salmon consumers from five European countries were interviewed to assess the impact of negative press on their attitudes and future consumption of salmon. According to the results, exposure to a negative message has a significant impact on consumers' attitudes and intentions. The attitudes related to health aspects (healthy and safe) decrease by 13.5%, while the attitudes related to environmental aspects (good for environment, ethical, sustainable) decrease by 14.4%.

Furthermore, regardless of the content of the messages, respondents deteriorated their assessments of the health characteristics of salmon consumption, as well as assessments of environmental characteristics. However, there is no difference in the impact of the information source on attitudes. This means that despite the lower perceived credibility of private blogs, these sources of information can have an impact on consumer attitudes. Therefore, encouraging the development of informal sources of information can also enable rapid and accessible communication in the event of a food crisis.

PrimeFish document  Deliverable 4.6. Report on social awareness, attempts to stimulate fish consumption and negative press


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