This report investigates consumer demand and choice behaviour for fresh fish at the retail market. In particular, consumer preferences for different fish alternative species are outlined, as well as different attributes, using a labelled choice experiment (LCE). The outcomes allow to elicit consumers’ preferences and willingness to pay (WTP) for the salient attributes of a variety of fresh fish species in the retail market.

Data for this study were collected in June 2017 through a nation-wide online survey administered in five countries (Italy, France, Spain, UK and Germany) by a third-party contractor using its consumer panel database. The sample in each country consisted of approximately 500 fish consumers (2,509 in total), representative of the national populations. The final experimental design consisted in five attributes, defined for the seven fish alternatives (trout, herring, salmon, sea bass, sea bream, cod and pangasius): price (average market price +/-30%), production method (wild-caught, farm-raised), format (whole/round cut, fillet, ready-to-cook), sustainability certification, nutrition and health claim. The questionnaire included questions regarding socio-demographics, fish frequency of consumption, past consumption, level of responsibility in fish purchasing and cooking, fish choice motives, attitude towards environmental concerns, attitude towards health concerns, self-efficacy, trust, and attitude towards ready-to-cook fish.

PrimeFish document  Deliverable 4.7. Choice modelling report on innovative features and the consumers' willingness to pay




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